Tin Hang Liu

Tin Hang Liu

Short bio: founder & CEO of Open Motors

Tin Hang Liu, a Y Combinator alumni, born in Italy, is an entrepreneur and a keynote speaker focused on: Innovation, New Mobility & Energy, and Climate Change.

He is the founder and CEO of Open Motors, a startup from Silicon Valley that developed an open hardware platform for EVs, a modular self-driving vehicle called “EDIT” engineered for MaaS (Mobility as a Service) & Logistic, and EV battery swap technology.

Media defined Open Motors as the “IKEA car”, “Arduino for Vehicles”, “Android for Electric Vehicles”.

Keynote speaker

topics: New Mobility, New Energy, Battery Swap, MaaS (Mobility as a Service), AI, Climate Change, Self-Driving, Connected Car, IoT, Blockchain, Entrepreneurship, Open Source, Open Innovation, Sharing Economy, Marketing

Note: Depending on my schedule, I will be more than happy to contribute ‘pro bono’ to charitable or non-profit events on a case-by-case basis.
For commercial events, I expect all transportation (flight & airport transfers), accommodation and subsistence costs to be handled by the event organizers. I only seriously consider events relevant to my topics, where I am remunerated for my time (i.e. there is a speaker fee). 

Founder & CEO

Open Motors is developing “EDIT”, the first EV engineered for services (MaaS & Logistic) in white label, with battery swap, advanced modularity & open.

Fleets can last 10X more thanks to an easy repairability & upgradeability.

Open Motors is a startup based in Palo Alto (CA, USA) and Beijing (China), backed by:



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